Tobacco Merchant Services was founded about 5 years ago to serve the growing demand for online tobacco payment processing.  As an increasing number of payment processors decided to exit the online tobacco industry, Tobacco Merchant Services formed as a full services tobacco payment processor to help provide a solution to this growing problem.  Providing stable and low-cost payment processing services has been the driving factor behind the online growth of Tobacco Merchant Services and with some of the lowest payment processing costs in the industry, we can usually help merchants streamline their business while lowering costs.


Merchants that sell primarily over the internet have additional needs verse those operating a storefront.  Website age verification, tobacco registration, and a fully PCI-Compliant payment gateway are a few of the products that Tobacco Merchant Services offers.  Providing payment processing services designed for the tobacco industry ensure that our merchants will always have a banking relationship they can count on.  Our focus is about creating long-term payment processing relationships with each and every one of our merchants.

All of the financial and banking services provided by Tobacco Merchant Services are centered around the tobacco industry.  Many times merchants will be set up with a merchant account or similar payment service only to find out later the processor will not accept the tobacco industry; this is a common practice of merchant service companies that do not have their clients best interests in mind.  When this happens, merchants run the risk of not only losing a merchant account but having funds held indefinitely and the possibility of being placed on the Terminated Merchant File.

At Tobacco Merchant Services, we are one of the few tobacco payment processors that is able to handle merchants from all aspects of the tobacco industry, including storefronts and e-commerce stores. While most payment processors can continue to provide eCig credit card processing services to merchants, Tobacco Merchant Services is still able to offer payment processing to some of the most difficult industries, including head shop merchant account services and hookah merchant account services.

Merchants in the tobacco industry, whether online or through a storefront are encouraged to call one of our helpful representatives with any questions or concerns.   Even merchants currently processing but have any questions or concerns about their current payment processing services – we are happy to help answer any questions.  Feel free to either call our offices at 1-888-818-3065 or send a message through our contact page, we are happy to help.